BUCKS RFC Champs vs Bedok Kings 2, 16 December 2017, 1:30pm at Turf City Grass

Bucks 55 – Bedok Kings 17

With cloud overhead and a gentle north-westerly removing any hint of moisture from the surface conditions were as perfect as you could get for a game of footy in Singapore and the Bucks took early advantage.

The start was equally as impressive for the Bucks who with the first attacking stoke of the game unleashed an early cross field kick on their 40m line. Sou Miyake on the wing reigned in the ball and with absolute class, stepped his opposite  before linking up with Adam Field, inside centre, who was able to dot down under the posts with only a minute thirty having ticked by. Adam running straight and hard made it difficult for defenders all day and had three scores under his belt before the break showing why he is a key signing for club this season.

At the fifteen minute mark Bedok produced a wonderful piece of mauling work, having received a penalty and having kicked deep into the Bucks territory. They secured the lineout and were well rewarded as they pushed over for five. That’s generally where the festivities stopped for Bedok as Bucks rolled in a sequence of five unanswered tries. Rob Storey, running outside Adam at Centre, wasn’t to be outdone by his inside number and scored a brace of tries himself. With piercing runs up the middle of the field, timing onto the ball Bedok struggled to keep a lid on the dynamic centers on show. The Bucks forward pack were strong in the set piece and dominant at the breakdown allowing the backs to showcase an array plays not seen in earlier parts of the season and went into the break well ahead.

Whilst the lads were sucking in the big ones and topping up on the water at half time the weather had other ideas on how this game would play out.  A torrential downpour swept through and threatened to blow away what little shelter was available for the congregation of spectators and players alike. The fields quickly turned to lakes and an adjudication session was required by all officials to determine if the game would continue. After a significant delay it was game on.

Bedok to their credit adapted best to the new conditions and struck back first. Persisting with kicking to the corners and grafting out a try with some carries from their big men around the fringes. With the game a mix between water polo and petanque, the ball stopping dead every time it hit the ground, it would be fair to say it was a forwards gme from here on in.

Eoin Mullen, No.2, wasn’t taking any backward steps running significant numbers of meters up the middle of the park. After a quick switch of direction play from thirty meters out saw the Bucks get within meters of the line Eoin was rewarded when charging at the line with a couple of with lads at his side driving him over for a maximum. Soon after the young lock forward Liam Clews running like a fly half from halfway created space for his forward counterparts on the wing before Robin Prince found himself in space 40 yards from the line and cantered in for try.

Bedok again came back for another but by that stage it was little too much of a hill to climb this time around. Rob Storey looking to take a very rare four tries home managed to carve his way through swathe of defenders near the final whistle – however the conditions getting the better of the situation and having the last laugh the ball slipped from his grasp. However, his form being unquestionable, congratulations are due with his subsequent call up the Premiership team.